AGROforestry & ecological restoration WORKSHOP

Join us for a two weeks  of  agroforestry lessons and ecological restoration workshops in El Astillero


SEPTEMBER 15-30, 2019

The Casa Congo school of conservation is proud to host an experiential learning workshop where students from all over the world and the local community can participate 5 day Syntropic Agriculture workshoprun by Sergio Olaya, where you will be introduced to various techniques and principles of regenerative agiculture and ecological restoration, both in a urbanised setting and agricultural fields .


The workshop lasts 2 weeks and is designed for agricultural practitioners as well as people without experience in agriculture and are just passionate about the subject. The workshop will be run in El Astillero, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua only 1 km away from the Chacocente Refuge, America’s largest tropical dry rain forest and home of a wild natural ecosystem. 

Astillero, Nicaragua| Vancouver, Canada | Sydney, Australia | Rome, Italy