Join us for a month of  bamboo construction lessons and sustainability workshops in Astillero

JULY 6 - AUGUST 2, 2019

The Casa Congo school of conservation is proud to host an experiential learning workshop where students from all over the world and the local community can learn how to build sustainably with bamboo and make an impact. The program will include a theoretical module focused on bamboo agriculture, treatment, physical properties and applications as well as a practical module where we’ll build a 4 x 4 meter pavillion.


The workshop lasts 2 – 4 weeks and is designed for built environment experts as well as people without experience in sustainable construction and are just passionate about the subject. The workshop will be run in El Astillero, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua only 1 km away from the Chacocente Refuge, America’s largest tropical dry rain forest and home of a wild natural ecosystem. 

Astillero, Nicaragua| Vancouver, Canada | Sydney, Australia | Rome, Italy