31 October 2020 - 13 December 2020: join us for bamboo bio-construction and sustainability workshops in El Astillero, Nicaragua

Running for 2 weeks and imparted by experts from Arquitectura Mixta, the Latin American bio-architecture firm, Casa Congo will host an experiential learning workshop about all thing’s bamboo. The theoretical module is focused on bamboo agriculture, treatment, physical properties and applications while the practical module sees volunteers build a four-by-four metre pavilion. The two-floor pavilion will host international volunteers that participate in sustainable development programs in the future.

Workshops like these are the best and direct way to create and provide amenities for the local community, whilst ensuring that international visitors gain a once in a lifetime experience. Designed for built environment lovers and experts, the workshop will run in El Astillero, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

Email and sign up for the workshop to live an amazing learning experience in contact with nature and support our sustainable development programs. 

El Astillero, Tola, Nicaragua 

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