The Build Environment program provides training in low impact urban development, bamboo design and closed loop systems. We’re showing the local community and international participants how to design and construct shelters without compromising the wellbeing of our planet.

We are introducing functional and beautiful construction practices in harmony with nature, aiming to replenish our ecosystem services. This is paramount to regenerative sustainability.

By partnering with Arquitectura Mixta, we have brought the first 100% sustainable bamboo structure to Astillero. During the building process, we hired and upskilled a local team of carpenters who are now able to hire out their services to create more sustainable structures in town. 

We provided training in bamboo design to a local mother Yirlani, who now provides local workshops in designing bamboo tables, lamps and chairs. 

Using two species of bamboo, the Gicantochloa apus for the structure and Dendrocalamus asper for the walls, our local headquarters"la bodega" is a 90 square metre space that accommodates our school and our dormitory.

We have built a sustainable bathroom system with a biodigestor tank and rainwater collection that saves a household 100,000 litres of water over 20 years.

We collect plastic waste and upcycle them into birdfeeders, lamps and boxes. Plastic bricks are made from empty bottles stuffed with residual waste and can be used as building material.

Tonnes of carbon emissions avoided

Litres of water saved from building sustainable amenities

Local community members permanently employed 

El Astillero, Tola, Nicaragua 

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