​Partnering with Casa Congo is an opportunity to explore innovation in the sustainability realm and make a meaningful impact in a part of the world that needs it most.  

Regional and Global NGOs

Alliances with other NGOs and philanthropy funds are fundamental to the success of our projects. Not only do we benefit from the sharing of skills and experience but also from the creation of a larger voice for action in the face of environmental challenges. 


Academic Institutions

By working closely with universities and research centers we facilitate a knowledge exchange in          El Astillero that benefits both the environment and the community members.



Partnerships through CSR initiatives add a significant contribution to our programs and allow companies of all sizes to have an environmental impact. 

Unique experiences @ Casa Congo's School of Conservation

Facilities and trained staff to deliver joint projects in Nicaragua

Impact reports & certificates 


Multimedial content for your company to use for PR purpose


El Astillero, Tola, Nicaragua 

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