Our programs offer the unique opportunity for a cultural exchange where participants can learn conservation skills whilst helping to protect the local environment. Join our team to share your skills with the community and learn about the tropical ecosystems and cultural traditions that define El Astillero. 

Our programs are bespoke and pricing depends on your length of stay and how you can contribute to the Casa Congo team and community. For more information, please get in touch with our team via the contact form below. 


you can help us

Brigada Ecologica: support conservation projects & children classes


Agroecology: landscaping, gardening, vermi culture, wastewater treatment and rainwater capture systems.


Ecology Research: ecosystem data analysis in the Chacocente Wild Refuge, reforestation initiatives and fisheries study. 

Ocean advocacy: surf lessons, swimming lessons, ocean safety, beach cleanups, turtle conservation and anti-poaching patrols. 


Community development: English language classes, reading classes, arts, business mentorship and community eats.  

PR: create visual content, social media support, promotion of the NGO in local  touristic zone

...or just come to Nicaragua and we'll figure something out! 


"Casa Congo is like a family to me. This paradise has changed my life. The NGO is a model to follow in every way possible. With the community members of El Astillero and the team members  I feel at home.  Staying here has been one of the best decisions of my life. I encourage anyone who has initiative and who wants to help to come visit this small treasure."


Volunteering and learning modules for approximately 6 hours a day

Sleep in a bamboo bunk-bed dormitory including bedding and Wi - Fi

A surfboard to use during your stay

Close collaboration with program leaders and  community members


The opportunity to explore ecosystems surrounding El . Astillero

Workshops where you can learn sustainable development techniques from local community members - including turtle protection, agro ecology, plastic upcycling, reforestation and much more!


Sometimes people plan on coming to Casa for 2 weeks and they stay 2 months... we're open and eager to meet more people who want to get their hands dirty and contribute to our cause!  

For more information contact hola@casacongo.org or fill in the form below. 

Our team will be in touch with an invitation form. 

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El Astillero, Tola, Nicaragua 

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